Story – A Must Do For Any Brand, Product Or Organisation Who Wants to Engage & Connect

A recent Sunday Times article grabbed our attention when it quoted Debelle de Montby’s review of the changing consumer demands in China ‘The key lies in telling better stories, not adding new storeys to flagship shops. Chinese consumers expect a narrative from brands.

They want to be charmed to think a label would like them as part of their story’. And we see this beyond China. In every part of the world consumers are becoming more discerning about the brands and products that they choose, and the best story-tellers are rising to the top.

Stories are an incredibly effective way to engage your end user at many different levels. So why do so many brands operate without a story?

And why do so many attempts at story-telling fall flat? We believe that too often products are rushed into market without thinking about the connection that the end user will make with it. In essence the product or brand is frequently portrayed as the hero, and the concept, a bolt-on top-down delivery from a company more concerned about profit & sales. Times have changed.

We believe that successful businesses must have successful stories that are developed early in the innovation process WITH the products & brands FOR the real hero in the story, the end-user.

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