5 x Innovation Gym Top Tips For Instant Impact

1. Identify where your project is positioned on the innovation process

Has the project become a bit stuck or have you skipped bits? Would it benefit the project to back up a little and quickly refresh your skills with Deeper Insights or User Journey mapping in order to ground yourself with what your user needs before you take your next steps?

2. Think through upcoming, critical milestones

Is concept or claims development just around the corner for your project? Maybe it’s time to book a Concept Thinking or Claims & Demos gym session for your team so you are fit and ready to bring your points of difference to life in a really breakthrough way?

3. Identify skill gaps in the team, and train for them

Is there someone who is new to the company or new to innovation? Now could be the time to build strength and depth in the team and bring everyone onto the same page, especially as you secure more significant investment for MVP’s and later prototypes.

4. Identify where bad habits are creeping in, especially due to real world pressures

Are you finding yourself slipping into talking about all your new product features instead of zooming in on what your user actually needs? If yes, then your project might benefit from the more philosophical, yoga-like thinking of Story Led Ideas, ensuring your story hero is consistently your target USER, leading to maximum success in market when you launch.

5. Because even the best need help.

The best sports managers bring in fitness coaches and specialist nutritionists to elevate team performance. If you are an in-house innovation trainer or agile leader you can use your expert Innovation Gym coaches as specialist interventions, setting you up for your very best results.

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